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Summary: Welcome to my board, guys Very Happy
I just wanted to say "Have fun" and well....please post your arts Smile
That's it Smile
The_Kinslayer. Hey, welcome Smile
And thank you Wink
It makes me so happy when people register here....Smile. Welcome here Darken My Soul, I hope you'll have a great time Very Happy
Please read the General Rules and stick to them, so we can all enjoy our stays here Wink. Hello Lilith *waves back* Welcome here, I hope you enjoy your stay and I'm sure nobody here would want to sue you Wink. Smile
I am glad we got another new member here Very Happy I hope you'll like this forum and have a good time here..
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Hope you like them Smile
Best Wishes,
Kinslayer. If you have got an idea, dont hesitate to suggest me anything because I want you guys to feel comfortable here Wink
Greetz. It's very helpful Smile
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News about T&T Romance Board
Summary: Hey there Wink
I changed the link of this page into www.tarjatuomas.tk so everybody can keep it in his / her mind more easily Cool
The old one still works but this one is much better in my opinion... Yeeeeey 25 already Very Happy It's getting bigger and bigger Wink and the active members are becoming more and more too, thank you all Smile. Hehehe LOL
*feels like a referee* Wink Razz
Hey, I've got the conclusion, we are all nice and great and we all keep this forum nice and warm, we're like a big happy forum family Wink Very Happy Now how sounds that Wink ?. Congrats to all members Wink And to Kinny of course with her increadable forum Very Happy
And thanks to all too of course Wink. It's a nice idea, but I'd want you to leave my fics out Wink And now that we're on the topic - could you please delete my unactive fics since I won't update them? It's a nice idea, but I'd want you to leave my fics out Wink And now that we're on the topic - could you please delete my unactive fics since I won't update them?

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Post your fanfictions here.
Summary: Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile wow!you made my day!.. Sorry,but I'm writing again.I HAVE to improve myself Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed
She had to find him in the dark.She tried to reach for something to catch.A person,a streen lamp,a building.But right now everything seemed to run away from her.All the scared whispers of the passing people were hollow.Even through the ocean of passing by sounds and silhouettes,she could hear only his slow steps.She couldn't hide - this time was different.She could only pray for her soul.Or to find him in the dark.He was the only able to save her.She knew that he was searching for her now,but The Other was faster.He was after her,perhaps still far away,but she could hear his whisper and it was showing her that she had no time left.She could run and run,but it couldn't help her.She knew that it was all the same if she decides just to sit on the pavement and wait for her fate.But the little spark of hope didn't let her give up.He was searching for her now - he,the other one,her beloved and if only he could see her now,she would be safe."Tuomas..."she whispered his name which gave her a little bit courage.Two small tears tried to escape her eyes,but the salt hurt them so much that they started to bleed again.Little drops blood rolled down her cheeks,passing under the black bandage on her eyes.That was the bitter price of her life - to find her love before The Other finds her.Blind and alone,unable to fight against the immortal darkness,fallen on her,she had to reach him.Slowly the noises of the city stopped.Where was she now?She tried to reach something and the first thing she found was a cold sculpture.Groping it she found out that it was a devil.For some seconds her heart stopped beating,but slowly she calmed down.It was only a sculpture,but it showed her where was she.The Graveyard.The perfect place to give up to him.She couldn't turn back and run - her legs were too fragile to hold her anymore.The silence was torturing her,but when she heard a sound again she knew that the end has come.Slow steps and sound of a blade - the blade of his scythe."Oh my God...". Hi guys , - I wanted to say two things before I post the first half of the sexy Chapter
1) this is just a half of the chapter , the other half will come tomorrow after I celebrate my fifteenth birthday with my freinds ^^
2) thank you for all the nice comments , really ,- I love you all <333
ok , on we go ^^
Chapter 12…
Tuomas held the mug in his palms , letting the boiling liquid warm the skin there .. I waited to talk to you for give hours here , not eating , not drinking , and not smoking .’’ – he declared , - ‘’ so I’m not going to let you go now even if you’ll beg .’’
Tarja took in a deep breath .

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No new posts Arts
Signatures, Wallpapers and stuff like that Wink
Summary: Ok, I made some avatars: Very Happy Very Happy
. Smile I made new things
(Okay, that's a little bit stupid )
( :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: )
I hope you like it!! Smile Smile )
. Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile sweeettt!!!. Smile Smile Smile thank you!I'm gonna make a new head for our site,using this one Smile Smile Smile. Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile I made already something for you!!!. Smile Smile Smile
Smile Smile Smile
Laughing Laughing Laughing fangirly!Thank you!I like him too.. Smile Smile Smile Smile
. Smile Smile Smile thx
Smile Smile Smile thx
Awesome!!!! Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile thank you!. (I agree with the sexy part )
This is my current WP:
(@Rori: Wink )
Edit: I made this set before going to sleep (I was kinda tired of my old ones):
. I think it'd be a great idea that everyone can post his / her wishes here Wink
I'm thinking Kinslayer here meant that it's a good idea to have a topic for art requests Wink
Welcome to the board btw Smile.

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No new posts Poems / Non Fanfiction and Other Fanfiction Stories
Place your poems, non fanfiction and non T&T fanfiction here...
Summary: Thank you,everybody!I appreciate your words so much Very Happy Here is one I wrote some months ago
Imaginery World
Myslef is still searching for the truth
My own place I know I have
My thoughts are hoovering in the clouds
My heart is broken by the world
But I know I can have you
And I know I will find you
Still I know you have lost me
In the rain so cold and cruel
You are lost in your sorrow
You don't have where to go
And the world brokes you to pieces(just like me)
There is no hope for tomorrow
But you know you can have me
As you know you will find me
Still you know I had lied you
In your heart you don't know what to do
and one more
My Highway
Give me the reason why I lose
Lose all the faith,ambitions
Little heart that's always bleeding
Didn't I told you "goodbye"yet
Give me the reason why I fall
Fall every day(into your lies)
I used to fall
I used to lose
And I know you will never come back
Do I trust myself
Nothing is real anymore
Would you tell me now what to do
Reasonable reason
Reason of the reasons
Reason why I'm always walking
Stopped by...nobody
I've come here
Bleeding heart in me
Reason why I'm always losing
Reason why I'm always falling
What's left..

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No new posts Fun
Fun Topics
Summary: OPENING CREDITS: Sinergy - Number of the Beast
WAKING UP: System of a Down - Deerdance (good morning *bäng bäng bäng*)
FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: Rammstein - Feuer und Wasser (Did you see the lyrics Oô?)
FIGHT SONG: Wizo - Schlechte Laune (it fits xD)
BREAKING UP: Nightwish - Come Cover Me (ähm....)
HAPPINESS: Nightwish - Stargazers Very Happy
LIFES OK: Evanescence - Call me when you're sober (Uhm...well)
MENTAL BREAKDOWN: Nightwish - Angels Fall First (it fits sooo well Crying)
DRIVING: Lacuna Coil - Enjoy the Silence (I'm 14, I don't even own a drivers licence Rolling Eyes)
FLASHBACK: E Nomine - Gott tanzte The lyrics are sooo funny, I love it Laughing
GETTING BACK TOGETHER: Sinergy - Midnight Madness (XDDD)
WEDDING: Nightwish - End of all Hope *wuhahaha*
BIRTH OF A CHILD: Schandmaul - Walpurgisnacht *hehe*
DEATH SCENE: Entwine - Snow White Suicide fits Oo
FUNERAL: Children of Bodom - Oops I did it again XDDDDDD *muhahaha* That's the best one Smile
END CREDITS: Lord of the Weed BPK-AkapellaChor - LOTW-Titel Melodei.. you had to dress a tshirt with a big big inscription,saying (or yelling Laughing ) you had to dress a tshirt with a big big inscription,saying (or yelling Laughing ) you had to dress a tshirt with a big big inscription,saying (or yelling Laughing ) Smile Smile Smile Smile i wish i had few of them..

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No new posts User
Everything about you. Introduce yourself.
Summary: Tuomas couple Smile So, the age doesn't matter at all, it's rather interesting to see that there are also people who are older than 40 who like listening to Nightwish and stuff like that Smile
So welcome and I hope you'll have fun here Smile. Hi i'm just new here so i thought i'd introduce myself
Name: Kerri-Ann
Nickname: Kerz
Location: Arbroath, Scotland, United Kingdom
Birthday: 21.08.1991
Hobbies: Everything Nightwish, Guitar, Reading, Writing, Music, Psychology
Fave Food: Anything Italian but i'm half so yaaah Smile
Fave Drink: Red Cola but alcohol wise whiskey and coke
E-mail: super_jesus_manny@hotmail.co.uk ( silly i know )
MSN: same as email
feel free to add me if you want.. Very Happy Very Happy Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Tha was great!I love it! Smile Smile Smile Smile again great!. Partying Partying Partying Partying Partying Partying Partying
In Poland we say Wink :
Partying Partying Partying Partying Partying
I wish I was 18, too Wink
Happy Birthday!.
Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile. Mr. Green
I'll upload live pics Wink :DWow!You have addeed more than 100 pics Smile Smile Smile ...108 i think.You are great!!! Smile Smile Smile Smile I changed the layout Smile Smile Smile.. This topic doesn't suck Wink *downloads and installs Tarja and Tuomas toolbar* Very Happy Smile Smile Smile nice!I put there three Metal Radios.

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No new posts Download Corner
Videos, pictures and so on.
Summary: Hi, i'm from Chile and new on the forum and i want to contribute with my bootlegs, this is my list:
Nightwish - Bootleg - 1998-02-13 - Live in Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland
Nightwish - Bootleg - 1999-11-25 - Live in Madrid, Spain
Nightwish - Bootleg - 1999-12-06 - Pharaoh Sails to Hafenbahn, Germany
Nightwish - Bootleg - 2000-10-18 - Elysee Montmartre, Paris, France
Nightwish - Bootleg - 2000-11-05 - Live in Biebob, Vosselaar, Belgium
Nightwish - Bootleg - 2002-04-08 - Vantaa, Korso, Finland
Nightwish - Bootleg - 2002-07-18 - Live In Buenos Aires, Argentina - No Prof Registration
Nightwish - Bootleg - 2002-08-22 - Wishmaster in Dortmund 2002
Nightwish - Bootleg - 2002-09-02 - Crazy Paris
Nightwish - Bootleg - 2003-07-04 - Live in Rockefeller Oslo, Norway
Nightwish - Bootleg - 2003-08-29 - Lowlands Festival 2003
Nightwish - Bootleg - 2004-10-19 - Symphony of Angels, Live In Cologne, Germany
Nightwish - Bootleg - 2004-11-18 - Once Over Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nightwish - Bootleg - 2004-11-21 - Le Zenith, Paris, France
Nightwish - Bootleg - 2005-03-12 - You Lucky Bastards!, Live in Osaka Japan
Nightwish - Bootleg - 2005-05-27 - Festimad, Parque la Cantuena, Fuenlabarada, Madrid, Spain
Nightwish - Bootleg - 2005-08-07 - Ankkarock, Vantaa, Finland
Nightwish - Bootleg - 2005-08-19 - Pukkelpop Festival, Hasselt-Kiewit, Belgium
Nightwish - Bootleg - 2005-09-11 - Skyarena, Umea, Sweden
Nightwish - Bootleg - 2005-10-08 - Live n' Louder Rock Fest, Ciudad de Mexico
and i give you two of my uploads:
2005-10-08 - Live n' Louder Rock Fest, Ciudad de Mexico
Track List:
01 - Bless the Child
02 - End of All Hope
03 - Come Cover Me
04 - The Kinslayer
05 - Dead to the World
06 - Deep Silent Complete
07 - Beauty and the Beast
08 - Crazy Train
09 - Sacrament of Wilderness
10 - Slaying the Dreamer
11 - Beauty of the Beast
12 - Over the Hills and Far Away
13 - Sleeping Sun
14 - Wishmaster
if you want more bootlegs only reply, and if anyone have bootlegs that i haven't, can you upload these please, thanks in advance Very Happy..

Moderators Kinny, Lupa, Morpheus
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Discussion about Nightwish & Tarja.
Summary: Yeah, we know by now that he's not gay Wink
To be honest, I don't know what made me open a thread like this Maybe because of those pics, but I am not sure anymore
I'm not referring to you Wink
There are also other people who think he's gay. Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile omg....omg!!!I know I'm spamming right now,but Shocked Shocked Shocked it was the first thing she has posted Smile its great!I'm sure she is very very young.She sounds somehow childish,but very very very cute and nice! Well , a friend on my on myspace , told me one of her friend went to meet Tarja , and when she did , Tarja has told her friend that she stay in Nightwish for her career.. Wink At the end of the concert, we all had a good laugh as after Tarja had hugged each band member separately, all the guys of the band - Toni, Max, Mike, Alex, and Doug - did a group hug, and left poor Tarja and Maria standing alone Mr. Green Tarja turned towards the audience with an absolutely comical :O expression on her face, pointing at the guys as if saying "Can you believe that?"

Moderators Kinny, Lupa, Morpheus
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No new posts Language Forum
Get to know more about other languages.
Summary: Now some words in finnish
life = elämä
death = kuolema
sun = aurinko
moon = kuu
forest = metsä
river = joki
Germany = Saksa
Greece = Kreikka
Netherlands = Alankomaat
Austria = Itävalta
Turkey = Turkki (= also means fur)
Finland = Suomi
Berlin = Berliini
London = Lontoo
once = kerran
world tour = maailmankiertue.
fun - zabawa
funny - œmieszny, zabawny
party - przyjêcie
laugh - œmiech
spring - wiosna
summer - lato
autumn - jesieñ
winter - zima
Sweden - Szwecja
Finland - Finlandia
Germany - Niemcy
France - Francja
Itlay - W³ochy
January - Styczeñ
February - Luty
March - Marzec
April - Kwiecieñ
May - Maj
June - Czerwiec
July - Lipiec
August - Sierpieñ
September - Wrzesieñ
October - PaŸdziernik
November - Listopad
December - Grudzieñ
forest - las
lake - jezioro
mountain - góra
And some "nasty" The Opera - Namiêtnoœæ i Opera
The Riddler - Zadaj¹cy Zagadki
Sleeping Sun - Œpi¹ce S³oñce
The Kinslayer - Zabójca Rodu
Wishmaster - Mistrz ¯yczeñ
Bare Grace Misery - ¯a³oœæ Obna¿onego Wdziêku *lol*
Over The Hills And Far Away - Ponad Wzgórzami i Daleko St¹d
Ever Dream - Wieczny Sen
Forever Yours - Na Zawsze Twój
Ocean Soul - Dusza Oceanu
Wish I Had An Angel - Chcia³bym Mieæ Anio³a
Romanticide - Romansobójstwo
Kuolema Tekee Taiteilijan - Œmieræ Czyni Artystê
Higher Than Hope - Wy¿ej Ni¿ Nadzieja
Very Happy
path - œcie¿ka
devil - diabe³/szatan/lucyfer/demon (we have so many names to describe devil....

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German / Deutsch  
No new posts Deutsch
Die Deutsch Ecke.
Summary: Doch ich, aber ich muss jetz off weil ich Zoff mit meiner Alten hab (nein, ich bin nicht lesbisch, ich habe eine Mutter).
Morpheus (06:19 PM) :
lass das Oo
Morpheus (09:39 PM) :
steh lieber zu Tarja, die lügt nicht, reißt keine Zitate aus dem Kontext und weiß was soziales verhalten ist ^^
Ayasashiy (09:40 PM) :
dafür hat die eine Genmanipulation geheiratet
Ayasashiy (09:41 PM) :
und ich hab ja net gesagt, dass ich kein tarja fan bin^^
Morpheus (09:41 PM) :
besser das als öffentlich zu lügen, und das mehr als einmal
wenn ich etwas aus tiefstem herzen hasse, sind das Lügner - und da herr arschipainen sich als Lügner qualifiziert hat, ist er bei mir so weit unten durch, das es weiter net mehr geht
Morpheus (09:46 PM) :
naja, ich hoffe er leeeeiiiiidet unter seiner aktion und heult sich jede nacht in den schlaf XD
Ayasashiy (09:47 PM) :
glaub ich irgendwie nicht
Morpheus (09:47 PM) :
wenn man sich die augenringe so anguckt....

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No new posts Deutsche Fanfictions
Deutsche Fanfictions gehören hier rein.
Summary: Marco?“ Zuerst wusste Tarja nicht, ob es für die Jungs okay wäre, wenn sie sie jetzt umarmen würde, denn immerhin könnten sie auch böse auf sie sein aber Tuomas sagte ihr, dass er dies organisiert hatte und daraus konnte Tarja schließen, dass die Jungs wussten, dass sie kommen würde und so höchstwahrscheinlich nicht böse auf sie waren, denn sonst wären sie ja nicht da. Eigentlich wollte sie dieses Angebot ja dankend ablehnen aber als sie Aina in der Ferne sah, wie sie auf den Bus wartete, und an das, was heute passiert war und was sie ihr angetan hatte, dachte sie sich, dass sie besser vorerst Abstand von ihr halten sollte, denn sie konnte sich denken, wie böse sie jetzt auf sie sein müsste. Sie sollten sich gut um sie kümmern sorgen sie dafür das sie isst und schläft und vor allem das sie aus den nassen Klamotten raus kommt, seien sie einfach für sie da!“ „Das ist nicht so einfach sie lässt ja niemanden an sich ran“ „da kann ich ihnen leider auch nicht helfen versuchen sie es, eine schönen Tag wünsche ich ihnen.“
Die Polizei untersuchte sämtliche Spuren, musste aber resignierend feststellen das davon nicht viele vorhanden waren wer auch immer dieser Entführer war er war ein Profi..

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No new posts Closed Topics
Here you can find threads that are closed...
Summary: You're welcome Wink
I'm already looking forward to reading that scene Wink *lol*. Thanks Smile
Here are two new Sigs
I have made two new Sigs with a new Style Smile
. Smile - Everything
Smile - -. Smile - Linny is online Smile
Sad - -. Smile - Linny and Kinny are online Smile
Sad - -. Smile - -
Sad - -. Smile - Kinny and Jaddy are online Smile
Sad - -. Smile - Jaddy is still online Smile
Sad - Riddler won't be here, too Sad. Smile - My big sis, Kinny is online Smile
Sad - -.. Smile - Linny is online Very Happy Very Happy
Sad - -. Smile - I had a wonderful day yesterday Very Happy
Sad - -. *hugs back*
Smile - Weekend Very Happy
Sad - -. Smile - Weekend Very Happy
Sad - -. Smile - It's snow here Very Happy
Sad - -. Smile Smile Smile Smile I hope you are gonna update today though.... Smile Smile Smile 1/2 + 1/3 = ? Smile Smile Smile 1/2 + 1/3 = ? Smile Smile Smile Smile.

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Admins and Mods  
No new posts For Admins and Mods only :)
Normal users are not allowed to enter here...
Summary: Of course, I'll be serious here, or at least I will try my best Wink No seriously, I'll be serious Wink Smile. The idea was just to have a website about T&T Romance Fanfictions, Morphy for example had such a site, too, in which he put his own stories in, I thought of something like that but only with Fanfictions not only from one author, but from many Wink So this way people can read a Fanfiction over and over again which works on this forum, too, but the comments in between are a little bit annoying and the whole Fanfiction forum is a little bit unclear that's why I had this idea in my mind Smile
But then again one problem would be, that people might not post their Fanfictions in this forum anymore since they're able to upload it on that site then.. I think the problem with her stories is that she doesn't think them through, so she probably doesn't know herself if it'll contain incest or not when she starts writing it Rolling Eyes But maybe it'll help to tell her she should put a warning.... I mean, that's your and his choice Smile
I think so, too, he'd definitely be a good mod Mr. Green I will ask him then if he want to do that Wink
And yes, I think so, too..

Moderators Kinny, Lupa, Morpheus
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